Working on a PC all day every day can be power draining. To recharge ones batteries we like to visit new places and enjoy cultures, nature and sights around the world.

Copyright: Anne Hufnagl Photography

Content Creator

We have been creating videos for over two decades, now. The first uploads to the internet date back as far as 1999. While we love to do gaming videos, we also created VLOGs, guides, documentations and more ...

Mercedes-Benz CLA OrangeArt Edition

Sometimes, we need something beautiful to remember us of what it's all about ...

Copyright: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz CLA OrangeArt Edition

The Mercedes-Benz CLA 220 CDI is our definition of a perfect car: its acceleration is good (7.1 seconds to 100 km/h), the fuel consumption is great: 3.8l / 100 km on the motorway and its design is excellent.

Copyright: Mercedes-Benz


Creating media has always been one of our biggest passions. We love to create photos, videos and all sorts of digital entertainment resources. This is one example of a very well composed photo. It showcases the last Mercedes-Benz SLC / SLK ever made with its ambient lighting and red accessories the coloring is next to perfect.

Copyright: Mercedes-Benz


While creating media assets we had the early urge to create platforms to showcase said media. One of the best ways to do so is creating websites. For example one of our projects has been to enhance YouTube with the usage of the Google / YouTube API.


As a compensation we love to take a mountainbike to the hills and just keep riding.

Copyright: Felix Pirker Freeride-Magazine

Content Creator

As media enthusiasts we are visiting fairs, testing new products and creating entertaining content whilst doing so.

Hello I am
Joachim Wetzel

Born in 1983, Joachim Wetzel is a fullstack web developer, content creator and media enthusiast. He focuses on working with content-management-systems such as Typo3, Drupal or Wordpress. Working more than 20 years in the field while building state-of-the-art products and working with such technologies his great passion for user experience are what drives him to become better with every project he is working on.

"Programming is all about developing a sense of finesse for making something work as simple as possible."
Joachim Wetzel
Fullstack Web Developer (CMS)


Our expertise

20+ Years of Experience in Web Development

DIGITAL Knowledge

We started with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) scripting back in 1997, TCL and shell scripting came closely after that. A couple of years later we fully engaged into web development. First PC aquired: in 1992.


One of our greatest strength is user friendly design. There are millions of ways to create a feature but only a couple of those are within the scope of slim, easy and usable design. The less clicks a user has to do to achieve their goal, the better is their experience.


Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines. It is not only about good architecture, slim design or fancy effects. Nowadays you really want to have a web site that fits your clients' needs, has a high performance and has implemented SEO of a kind that benefits your company's goals.


Lean code is something easy to understand but hard to master. It requires the developer to know all the used frameworks in and out, read the documentations and apply the learned knowledge in a clever way. The less code you use the better it is in terms of maintenance expense and keeping your code bug free.

Our Work

Creative Portfolio Designs

Feedback from our clients.

"Joachim always impressed with the speed to familiarize himself with the worst spaghetti code and to find quick, sustainable solutions so that the necessary projects were implemented. The cross-departmental cooperation with him was flawless on both technical and human relations and it was a lot of fun working with him!"

- Matthias Emmer, Head of SEA Fenster.com

"He knows what he is doing in terms of web-development, user interface design and technical solutions such as cloud, docker and architecture. But working with him can be a pain in the ass, if you asked me!" ;)

- Ann-Katrin Arning, Golang Developer

"I can only agree with what my predecessor said!"

- Alexander Wetzel, CEO of EDV Wetzel

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What a young, talented great streamer with a very mature personality. SUB HIM, N O W!


If you are getting married and do not hire her as your photographer, you might just not getting married at all. That's how good she is.

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In case you need assistance with your IT infrastructure such as mail servers, printing stations or networks, you can safely reach out to this Munich based company.

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